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A Fitting Revenge

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She: destruction of men. Blood flows. He: a horrific revenge.

Alastair is helping his close friend, Giles, to avoid a punishing divorce from Sandra. As he's drawn into a situation which he battles to control, the love binding him and Juliet is ripped apart. With the common goal of rescuing Giles, they strive to work together. But the tension between them only widens the rift, and he faces the ruination of his life.

Fighting his way out of the turmoil, Alastair stretches reason to exact a terrible revenge for the extortion and violence that has affected his friends. In doing so, he discovers a side to himself that he never knew existed.

Revenge must be taken, but is Alastair's "eye for an eye" concept too extreme? Will Juliet remain a love lost?

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