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Cloaked in Darkness: Children of Ysillia, #1

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Something is wrong in the city of Kanton. 

A decade has past since the Sundering shook the land of Ysilla at the same time that the Children of Order appeared from the far eastern, Durian Empire. The rural lifestyle of the people has been abandoned as strange creatures have since begun to wander the forests. Peace reigns as poverty has been eliminated from the streets and children kept safe in a warm bed.

Or so the official story goes.

The Matriarch, the winged Daeva of mercy, sets into motion a plan to sneak children out of the orphanage and back to her sanctuary at Sunder's Peak. Gallet, her secret accomplice, seizes the opportunity to strike a blow at the heart of power within the city in an act of revenge.

While the two battle their way through the city in opposite directions a greater power lurks in the shadows. 

The two Gate Keepers -  mages who call on the divine power through their seven chakra aligned gates - battle their way through friend and foe in a conflict that is far beyond the scope of their understanding.

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