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Everything is Bullshit | Summary

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Everything is Bullshit
The Greatest Scams on Earth Revealed
From Priceonomics
Summary and Analysis
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Everything is Bullshit is a well-researched and written book that peels back the layers of lies and distortions about some of our most cherished and respected social and economic beliefs. The authors, three members of Priceonomics, have divided the book into four sections. Each of these sections deals with different aspects of society. The sections include status symbols, power structures, the business of manipulation and human decency. Each section is further divided into chapters that investigate an individual story which has a greater effect on society than is initially imagined.
The first three sections deal with corporations taking advantage of consumers or government taking advantage of its members. The fourth section, however, is about regular people taking advantage of each other or being put in untenable situations and having to get through them.

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