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No Mum, Tomorrow's Not Tuesday

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Each story has meaning. Every story is important. This is Reg and his mother’s tale of living with dementia.

As his mother’s disease progressed, Reg started to write this book in the form of a diary, partly so that he could keep track of the dementia’s progress but also to keep a record of his mother in those last, desperate years.

The dementia crept up on both of them; for a long time they were in denial. He and his mother shared many conversations, often verging on the surreal. They laughed together; they cried together, they faced dementia as a partnership. He arranged carers, dealt with hospital appointments and doctors, did the shopping and so much more in between.

Reg knew little about the disease when it first started to take hold. He discovered things as time went by that, had he known about them earlier, might have provided his mother with a some comfort. He hopes that this book may provide help to families coping with a relative suffering from dementia.

There are already many books about dementia, and the author recognises this as a good thing. The more we strive for awareness, the greater the chance that future generations will not suffer in a similar fashion.

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