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Diy Homemade Shampoo: 33 Easy Organic Shampoo Recipes for Growing Hair and Preventing Hair Loss

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What do Cleopatra and Kate Moss have in common?  Easy.  They both maintain their luscious manes with natural, toxin-free ingredients brought to you by Mother Nature herself.  Whether you call it your “antenna to the cosmos” as the ancients did, or your object of attraction magnet, as high couture stylists do, the care of hair was an art 3000 years ago and it remains an art today. 
That natural, handmade shampoo is as hot now as it was in Cleopatra’s day, only now we’ve added science to the mix.  Toxins are so last century.  Plants, nuts, animal products and herbal essences are getting slathered on scalps from Finland to Fiji, as every ecosystem and culture on the planet contributes its indigenous treasures to the global trove of hair care.  

This shampoo bible is a gift for your hair and for your heath.  It presents you with the reasons and tools that will enable you to join the “poof-free revolution” – to dump your synthetic, toxic shampoo bottles for jars of fresh, verdant scalp and hair tonic that you’ve crafted with your own hands

In the following chapters this DIY Shampoo Bible covers:

The dangers of synthetic chemical hair treatments

-The health and beauty benefits of natural products 

-A list of products to avoid when crafting your own shampoo

-Fascinating historic trivia’s about hair treatments

-Recipes for a variety of shampoos to treat and beautify all hair types

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