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Living Off The Grid: 39 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Make a Self-Reliant and Hassle Free Living off the Grid

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Off the grid living is something that has become extremely popular lately. Everyone wants to cut the cord and live an independent life, but how willing are you to commit? Maybe you want to go all the way, and maybe you just want to do some little things to cut your energy bill, your dependence, or maybe just be more prepared if you’re ever in an emergency and cut off?

In this manual, we will explore 39 tips and tricks for off the grid living. Topics such as water filtration, power alternatives, tricks for the home, and common food suggestions will be explored. On top of this, what to have on hand for an emergency when living off the grid will be explored.

Along with all of this, we will explore the difference between going green and living off the grid. We will discuss different considerations when taking your home to a self-reliant power source, and even explore different gardening options for those of you wanting to grow your own produce.

Living off the grid can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have, and with this manual, you will have a great starters guide of tips and tricks, ideas and recommendations to truly take you and your family off the grid and get you to be self-sustained.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

-Sustainable Food

-Home Living Tips

-Energy Needs

-Emergency Preparation

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