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You’ll probably not believe any of this. It is a true story. It did happen. I should warn you though before I begin, your thinking will change because of it, and I am not accountable for any actions brought about. That is to say I do not fear your ability in understanding the tales events, the very contrary. I am certain the ability of your minds attitudes for such are admirable, my concern resting upon facts, one cannot truly trust ones own self, fore one hasn’t affectionately understood the meaning of truth. In its entirety. Whole hearted as it where, and here, exists the issue. I too could barley compose myself upon hearing the full story as it were told before several of us just as it is now, yet here for you alone. I wont alter a moment nor fabricate exclamation. The actuality will be stated pure as they happened, preference given in not causing fear, but that which of course we all knowingly have, yet often neglect, that greatness of insight into, ourselves. Now..let's begin.

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