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Child Astrology: A Guide to Nurturing Your Child's Natural Gifts

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A hands-on approach to the planets and their influence on children's emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development.

• A guide for parents with no prior experience in astrology.

• Allows parents to fully develop their children's strengths.

• Author of Love Planets and coauthor of Finding Love (with Sally Jessy Raphael).

For anyone and everyone concerned with successfully raising a child, M. J. Abadie's Child Astrology brings to light the rich world of celestial influences. No previous knowledge of astrology is required for parents to gain illuminating insight into their child, using techniques and methods practiced for centuries.

Child Astrology offers a comprehensive look at the planets and their influence on your child's emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual development. It provides easy-to-use planetary tables and clear instructions on how to record and interpret the positioning of the planets at the time of a child's birth. The author suggests specific approaches that help to minimize those influences in a child's life that are negative and to maximize those that are positive, approaches that aid parents in anticipating and addressing the major changes particular to children's different developmental stages. As they grow into the leaders of tomorrow, children need all the help we can offer. Child Astrology gives parents the chance to enhance the development of their children with loving care tailored expressly to the individual gifts their children possess.

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