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The Wrath Of Kali

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The Wrath of Kali is the sequel to Sylvia Garib’s debut novel, Banjaras for which she received the Quo Vadis Literary Award for Self-Published Book of the Year 2016.
Banjaras focuses on the journeys of twin sisters, Sella and Ree, identical twins, born of a clandestine love affair on a sugarcane plantation in South Africa, with one twin being lost in a stampede in India, and the other being adopted by a family in South Africa.
The Wrath of Kali traces the journeys of brothers Ambar and Kishen Varma, working on a rice plantation in Darveshpura, India. The Varma family, together with other villagers, suffers severe ill-treatment by the farmer, Bhola Swaraj. It is Kishen however, who endures most of Bhola’s verbal, mental and physical abuse.
Ambar and Kishen escape to Mumbai in search of a better life, and find solitude, love and safety in the home of three Eunuchs, who “adopt” and help them become entrepreneurs of note. A chance meeting with Sella and Ree throws both boys into a new, exciting world of money, business, love and fame.
In a strange twist of fate, Mother Kali plays her hand and The Wrath of Kali overpowers “The Wrath of Bhola” proving that “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

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