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The Return of Tarzan

Length: 315 pages5 hours


The second work of the Tarzan series, "The Return of Tarzan" follows the Lord of the Jungle from one continent to the next as he goes from America to Europe to Africa, encountering personalities of varying morality. Tarzan becomes entangled with Russian spies and French counts, blackmail and murder, kidnapping and intrigue, all the while in love with Jane Porter, who is engaged to marry another man. This 1915 work follows the aristocratic jungle man back to his home, where he is told of the legendary city of Opar and its vast treasure. Through his heartsickness, Tarzan tries first to learn the ways of a gentleman, then to embrace his upbringing, and he encounters beasts in many guises along the way. In his struggle to choose the course of his future, all of the answers come clear in this riveting installment of the Tarzan saga.

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