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The Complete Tales of Henry James (Volume 11 of 12)

Length: 542 pages8 hours


Henry James (1843-1916) was an America-born English writer whose novels, short stories and letters established the foundation of the modernist movement in twentieth century fiction and poetry. His career, one of the most significant and influential in English literature, spanned over five decades and resulted in a body of work that has had a profound impact on generations of writers. Born in New York, but educated in France, Germany, England and Switzerland, James often explored the cultural discord between the Old World (Europe) and the New World (United States) in his writings. Included in this eleventh volume of "The Complete Tales of Henry James" are the following stories: "The Great Good Place," "Maud-Evelyn," "Miss Gunton of Poughkeepsie," "The Tree of Knowledge," "The Abasement of Northmores," "The Third Person," "The Special Type," "The Tone of Time," "Broken Wings," "The Two Faces," "Mrs. Medwin," "The Beldonald Holbein," "The Story In It," "Flickerbridge," "The Beast in the Jungle," and "The Birthplace."

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