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The Pirates Own Book

Length: 570 pages8 hours


"The Pirates Own Book" is a collection of historical tales about the great age of piracy. The exploits of such famous pirates as Black Beard, Jean Lafitte, Robert Kidd, Edward Low, Thomas White, Anne Bonney, Mary Read as well as many others are recounted here in explicit detail. Comprising a time period between that of the Medieval Norman and Danish Sea Robbers to the cases of piracy in the first half of the Nineteenth Century, Charles Ellms’ "The Pirates Own Book" is a classic collection of the stories of pirates who plagued the era of maritime travel. Enhanced with numerous wood engravings which depict the often gruesome acts perpetrated by these criminals of the sea, "The Pirates Own Book" gives the reader a true sense of what it was really like aboard the high seas and the ever present danger that lingered there in the form of piracy.

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