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The Argonautica (Prose)

Length: 209 pages3 hours


"The Argonautica," more commonly known as "Jason and the Argonauts," was written by Apollonius of Rhodes in the first half of the 3rd century BCE. It tells the tale of the epic journey of Jason, the mythological leader of the Argonauts, and his quest to obtain the Golden Fleece. In the story, Jason's father was killed by his own brother, so Jason's mother hid him in order to save his life. When he turns 20, Jason returns and seeks to take the throne that is rightfully his. However, before his uncle will give up the throne, Jason must obtain the Golden Fleece. Like many epics, Jason must face a number of strange and difficult obstacles, including the crossing of the infamously dangerous Straights of Bosphorus. In this prose rendering, translated by R. C. Seaton, of "The Argonautica," readers will find an entertaining tale of adventure and Greek mythology.

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