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The Warlord of Mars

Length: 204 pages3 hours


The extraterrestrial adventures of John Carter, an American Civil War veteran transplanted to Mars, continue in this third installment of Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Barsoom" series. The initial series was originally published as a four-part serial in "All-Story Magazine" between December, 1913 through March, 1914; its wild popularity resulted in numerous sequels. The story chronicles Carter's encounters with Martian royalty, fantastic creatures, ancient alien races, and formidable monsters on his dangerous quests on the alien planet. Lovers of the science fiction genre will enjoy the strange and exciting details woven intricately throughout this romantic tale, which begins with the hero's quest to free his imprisoned wife, the princess Dejah Thoris, from the Temple of the Sun. Burroughs' creation of John Carter, as well as his legendary Tarzan of the Apes, has cemented the American author's place in literary history. The Burroughs crater on Mars is named in his honor.

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