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Red Reign: Human Chronicles, #1

Length: 107 pages1 hour


Heroes are a daily event in every galaxy.

Until Lility.

As the last human, she is nothing like we expected and everything we need.

We have no way to stop her.

And no way to save her.

She is 
The Pearl.

Book 1, Red Reign  

Lility has spent a decade in the Samarian galaxy, training to become the Pearl, ruler of the known universe. She’s studied and rehearsed and done everything they’ve expected of her—except manage her humanness. As the last one, her wildly unpredictable emotions are not an asset, but a weakness to eradicate. In the final moments before announcing her decision to mate with the elite Hemperklu in the 642nd Union, the Samarians reveal a surprise—one that changes everything. 

Suddenly nothing is as she believed, and very little about her life is certain. With her entire future at stake, she must conquer her emotions—and deal with the Samarian’s decision-altering information—or pay the ultimate price and lose her right to rule.

Red Reign is a sci-fi romance adventure and the first book in the 5-part Human Chronicles series releasing throughout 2017.

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