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Reloading the Colts

Length: 491 pages7 hours


They were madly in love for fifty-three years. They were old, and Bill's doctor told him that he was not long for this world. And was he ever right.
A seventy-five-year-old Bill went to bed one night in the 23rd century on Earth, and woke up the next morning to find that he and his wife Cookie were now non-biological, and destined to be marooned on a freshly terraformed planet in another galaxy.
Like Adam and Eve, they were given a paradise, and they had to fight to keep it. Would they move fast enough to defend against an attack from space? Would non-biological reproduction of human children work? Would living forever be a blessing or a curse? They were in a realty that only seemed possible inside a dream, and only they could prevent it from turning into a nightmare. Fate dealt the hand, and it was up to them to play it.

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