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Critical Thinking: 28 Essential Critical Thinking Skills and Brain Exercises which Can Improve Your Logical Thinking

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Do you feel like everyone else catches on before you do? Do you think your boss might be overlooking you because you just can't see the “bigger picture”?  Maybe what you're lacking is come critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is a way of looking at everything in a logical and analytical way to better process the information. It is a skill that can be learned though it takes time and is invaluable when it comes to getting ahead in the workplace.  

Critical thinkers are highly prized for their ability to see problems, read between the lines, and analyze information to get better and more detailed results as well as spot potential problems that others might miss. When it comes to recruitment and hiring those who can apply critical thinking are at the top of the list. There's nothing magical about critical thinking, it's all down to hard work and practice, your brain is a muscle and you can't expect your muscle to be in great shape unless you work it out. 

This book aims to give you some lessons and ideas in how you can start your journey to being a critical thinker today. Train your brain into being a better thinker and more intellectual. Try some exercises to get your brain muscles going, and seeing things in a different light than you perhaps have been. Use this book to better your brain and get ahead of your coworkers with your skills. 

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

-What is critical thinking?

-List of Critical thinking skills

-Development Exercises

-Critical Thinking Strategies

-Intellectual Traits

-Steps for improving logical thinking

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