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Whitewash in the Berkshires: Double V Mysteries, #4

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An incident from Juliet's past comes back to haunt her.  A priceless work of art brings her to a secret bunker.  An unidentified corpse is found in the river.  As if this day weren't bad enough…Juliet is kidnapped!

Juliet Van Allen and Elmer Vartanian, casual partners in the business of ferreting out murderers, take us to the Berkshires of western Massachusetts in the bleak midwinter of 1951. What happens next is murder.

Whitewash in the Berkshires is the fourth book in the Double V Mysteries series set in New England in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

If you like the romance and charm of a classic film, this "cozy noir" will remind you of an era when character-driven stories were elegant, subtle—and a car chase in a 1947 Cadillac touring sedan brings us close to the edge of doom.

It's murder in the art world, where the paintings aren't all that's being framed.

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