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Big Book Betrayal: A Scrappy Librarian Mystery, #4

330 pages4 hours


Big Book Betrayal is the fourth in a mystery series featuring Juanita Wills, intrepid (aka nosy) public librarian in the small town of Wyndham, Oklahoma. Juanita delves into the world of 12-step groups, seeking to help a friend in the throes of addiction. But intertwined with the issues of alcohol are darker demons that soon lead to foul play.

Will the answers come from the “Big Book,” AA’s classic tome of redemption via a higher power, group support, and practical steps to recovery? But there is no recovery from murder, only efforts by amateur sleuth Juanita and her friend Wayne Cleary of the Wyndham Police to see justice done.

“The series mixes mystery, humor, and literary nuggets. First rate and fun!” – Carolyn Hart.

Marion Moore Hill is the author of the scrappy Librarian mystery series and the Deadly Past mysteries. she lives in Durant, Oklahoma. Her website:

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