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Minimalist: 29 Money Saving Secrets Which Make an Incredible Difference to Your Minimalist Lifestyle. These Money Saving Tips Will Simplify Your Life

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Are you overwhelmed by all the stuff in your home? It can be a defeating feeling when you attempt to clean a room, but the amount of clutter and unused items seem to have multiplied since the last time you did Spring cleaning. What about your finances? Is it one of your dreams to be able to retire early and still maintain your current lifestyle? 

Going through life, we tend to get bogged down by so much crap, we feel suffocated by it all. This feeling tends to make us grumpy and feel unsatisfied by our lives. This is one of the reasons many people throw up their hands in disgust and decide to live minimally

In this book, you will learn three areas of your life that you can change in order to simplify things. We will discuss things like:

-Why people choose to live minimally

-How to decide if this lifestyle is right for you

-The benefits of being frugal

-Ways to declutter your home

-How to simplify your finances

-How to make time for you

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