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Is Tithing A Godly Practice?

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Do You Want To Know Whether You Must Embrace Tithing As a Practice In Your Church?

The debate over the topic of tithing continues in the Christian circle and I don't really see an end to it in the nearest future.
This book has been prepared to shed light on this controversial issue. You will be taken your own decision at the end of the book. You will be able to find out whether tithing is a New Testament idea or just one of those Old Testament practices that does not really have any significant influence and relevance to our Christian lives today.

You will be able to discover how and why New Testament acts like our Lord Jesus Christ, Paul and others did not really put lots of emphasis on this practice in their teachings and commandments.

Is Tithing a Godly Practice? will expose you to the following:

1. What the tithing practice is all about.
2. What you have to believe from the different stories and teachings that are available on the topic today.
3. What exactly is God's view about the practice of tithing?
4. Why New Testament actors did not really put lots of emphasis on this practice in their teachings and commandments.
5. What you must begin to do or not do with the practice of tithing.
6. A never-before-told stories about the practice of tithing.

You have the opportunity to find out for yourself whether it's necessary for you to pay tithe or not in your church. Finally, you'll stop becoming a figure that will be pushed here and there by any clergy, Pastor or man of God on the issue of tithing.

Is Tithing a Godly Practice? unravels the mystery behind the payment of tithe and investigates the authenticity of this practice in the body of Christ today.

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