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Slave of the Wild

Slave of the Wild

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Slave of the Wild

34 pages
25 minutes
Jun 14, 2017


Michelle’s camping trips with the men who raised her have been gradually becoming more adventurous. A deep, unspoken lust binds them together and Michelle finds herself trapped in a kinky, lust-filled group encounter with 5 horny men.

Jun 14, 2017

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Slave of the Wild - Jenny Lee

Slave of the Wild

Jenny Lee

 Part 1

         I don’t think I’ll ever understand camping, but it’s not without trying.  I was raised by an adoptive family of outdoorsmen and women who tried their damnedest to make me understand the awesome power of nature.

         And understand I did, only not in the way that they would have liked.

         I understood that a week in the rain meant walking around in soggy hiking boots, that there are no fashionable winter coats made to actually keep you warm in the freezing cold, and that it’s almost impossible to get the scent of campfire smoke out of your clothing.

         A girl like me is just not cut out for camping, but after all of these years I’ve at least figured out how to manage.  Still, what I wouldn’t give for our yearly get-togethers to take place anywhere other than a national park.

         I’ve pitched Vegas plenty of times, but my adoptive father who, for whatever reason, I’ve taken to calling my step dad, won’t budge.  He’s not used to me being a grown woman, a full legal adult with opinions of my own which, usually, don’t line up with his.

         Clark, my step dad, is dead set in his conservative ways while I, on the other hand, left home for a liberal arts college with an emphasis on the liberal part.  Suffice to say, we don’t often talk about politics and when we do it usually ends in disaster.  My step uncles are the same way, cut from a similar cloth as my step dad.

         The funny thing is, it’s all a front for them.  I’ve been around long enough to see behind the curtain and, despite all outward appearances of heartfelt family values and conservative ideals, I see the way the guys look at young, twenty something hotties as they walk by.  It’s frustrating, especially when the group of them try to get all high and mighty regarding other peoples sexuality, but at the same time I actually find it kind of hot.

         I know that it’s wrong in every possible way, but I can’t help getting just the slightest bit turned on by the fact that all these waitresses and joggers I catch my step dad and step uncles leering at are all my age. 

         They would never ever admit it, but I’m certain that they find me attractive in exactly the same way and, to be fair, who wouldn’t.  I’m I

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