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Wishing on the Moon Vol. 1

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Cordelia Whitley is an alpha female werewolf with a penchant for control.
When Cordelia realizes that her PMS and the full moon are in synch this month, she has to decide whether to tap her best friend-with-benefits or hit the clubs and look for someone new. Jamie Daniels is an inexperienced physician's assistant checking out the wild side of life. When Jamie and Cordelia get a chance to really meet, it's hot! But Jamie's more than he first appears--and there could be hell to pay.
Luke Webber is Cordelia’s friend-with-benefits. As a SWAT team member and a high ranking werewolf in the pack, he has a busy and complicated life. His intense protective nature leads him to step in when Jamie is attacked. As dark secrets come to life, the bond between all three tightens.

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