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Deliverance from Witchcraft & Familiar Spirits

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‘Deliverance from Witchcraft & Familiar Spirits’ is an invaluable guide to witchcraft in all its forms, and what can be done to combat this very real evil. It is written by Reverend Anthony Kwadwo Boakye, of the Resurrection Power New Generation Church in Accra, Ghana, and his expertise on the subject means that this book is vital for anyone who wants to know more about witchcraft, or who has been unfortunate enough to have personal experience of it themselves. The book gives a clear outline of what witchcraft is, as well as how it can enter homes and ruin lives. It includes testimonies of people who the author has met and who have experienced the horrors of witchcraft, including some who were under its dark influence and lived to tell their stories. The book gives practical examples of the symptoms of witchcraft, and the treatments which can be used to combat it, but is underpinned by strong Christian messages of morality and faith. ‘Deliverance from Witchcraft & Familiar Spirits’ is a must-read for any Christian, and for anyone who is interested in the Deliverance ministry or in the pain and suffering caused around the world by witchcraft in all its forms. 

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