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Good Gut: The Ultimate Good Gut Guide on How to Cultivate Gut Bacteria for Constant Weight Loss

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Do you constantly wonder why you cannot lose weight even when you reduce the intake of food? Have you realized by now that it is not the quantity of food that you take, but mostly the quality of the food that you eat that helps your constant weight loss? Perhaps the food you consume feeds the unhealthy bacteria in your guts, thus preventing the "good" bacteria from doing their job of digesting your food and speeding up your metabolism. This book will show you which food to eat to help your gut perform its duties effectively and help you lose weight by keeping the natural balance of your gut flora. Help the "good guys" in your gastrointestinal tract prevail over the "bad guys" that simply accumulate the fat in your body, making you gain weight, weakening your whole organism and eventually causing various diseases.
Learn about the ultimate good gut foods that will keep your gut healthy and happy and that will in return help you achieve your ideal weight. 

Read all about the following good gut foods that will help you stay slim without a diet:

-Probiotic foods

-Prebiotic foods

-Fiber-rich foods

-Antioxidant foods


Stop wondering and worrying over your constant weight gain, but instead start eating the good gut food listed in this book for a constant weight loss!

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