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Essential Oil Recipes: The Ultimate Essential Oils Guide on How to Make Essential Oils with Great Tips on How to Use Essential Oils

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No matter where you turn, the term “essential oils” is everywhere and with good cause.  Whether it be pleasing aromas that work well for aromatherapy, or replacing other oils with essential oils for cooking, the health and wellness benefits are far more than one could imagine.  You can use essential oils in cooking main dishes, salads, appetizers, and even desserts.  And this eBook, Essential Oil Recipes is the ideal handbook for making a lifestyle change using essential oils. 
Essential oils are finding their way into the lexicon of terms of the average westerner, using these oils for cosmetics or toxic chemical-free perfumes.  Essential Oil Recipes will give you blending tips and recipes to help with health problems such as itchy skin, digestive problems, and an all-natural alternative to decongestant rubs that are petroleum based products.  

There are literally a multitude of uses for essential oils and this eBook is going to show you many of them.  Essential Oil Recipes is the perfect companion for the environmentally conscious, health-driven individual who desires to see positive change without the use of potentially dangerous chemicals.  Essential oils also make for incredible gift ideas as well.  

In Essential Oil Recipes you will learn:

-History & Getting Started

-Medicinal Uses

-Diet Recipes

-Essential Oils Aromatherapy

-Essential Gifts

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