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Principles Of The Doctrine Of Christ

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This book is a distillation of the foundational teachings of Christ and their practical application in the true Christian pilgrimage. It is the Doctrine of Jesus Christ that will:
•Show you how to follow Christ.
•Equip you to detect and avoid false teachers and false doctrines.
•Prevent you from developing itching ears that cannot endure sound doctrine.
•Guide you on how to have right-standing with God always.
•Encourage you to enter the City whose founder and builder is God.

To live the Christian life, you must imbibe and practice the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and the original Apostles of the Lord. It is the “narrow” path that leads to eternal life with Him. Sound Christian doctrine is the key to avoiding the deceptions of modernized Christianity.

. This book is highly recommended not only for babes in Christ but for all Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is recommended for group study.

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