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Forgive Forget Fruitful: Turning Offences and Tragedies Into Divine Opportunities

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This book is highly practical. It gives application to Biblical principles in the area of handling offences, hurts and tragedies. We all go through difficult times that we didn’t ask for or even imagine would ever happen to us. Our choice is either to be a victim or an over-comer.

Combining Biblical truth, life experience and personal research, the author outlines a necessary process of moving through those negative experiences to a place of freedom where we recapture the purpose God always intended.

In Matthew 6:9-13 Jesus gave us a wonderful pattern to follow, when we come before ‘our Father in Heaven’ in prayer. It includes praise and petition, along with a cry, ‘forgive we forgive others’. Jesus makes it clear, we have an obligation – if we live under the Father’s forgiveness, we have to live out His forgiveness.

Find the faith to forgive, the freedom to forget and the foundation to be fruitful.

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