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Low Dishonest Decades: Essays & Reviews 1980-2015

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Essays and reviews concentrating on politics, economics, sociology and culture. Low Dishonest Decades is George Scialabba’s fourth Pressed Wafer title. It differs from What Are Intellectuals Good For, The Modern Predicament and For the Republic in that it has a theme: Income inequality as a fundamental threat to American democracy. George continues to write clearly and well, his humanity can be felt on every page and he is always stirring the pot to provoke fresh thoughts and new ideas. Low Dishonest Decades is his most urgent book. Clinton, Trump, the alt-right, conservatives and liberals, the Koch brothers, business leaders and talking heads are missing the point—most of the important points—and George knows it. What is to be done? The place to start is by reading Low Dishonest Decades.

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