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Length: 135 pages2 hours


Scottie Becker has experienced one catastrophe after another throughout his third semester at Fox Valley Technical College in the Fall of 2011. Little does he know someone has arrived from a secret program known as the iAvatar protocol, which will help him rebuild his confidence through the use of time travel and changing himself physically and mentally for a temporary period of time. Scottie discovers what it means to be different people in various time periods while experiencing situations he’s unfamiliar with. All that remains is this: will Scottie be able to understand he’s not these people after he returns to being himself again? Will he manage to finish the semester without any further catastrophes?

iAvatar is a young adult and science fiction tale of despair and triumph. In fact, this is the author’s first attempt in the science fiction genre, and he plans to develop more stories of similar tastes. Why not read a few sample pages? You might just like the plot.

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