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Dandelions Never Die Book 5 - Six Angels: Dandelions Never Die, #5

495 pages7 hours


Dandelions Never Die - The Series is an 8 book romantic adventure.
Book 5- Six Angels- Winner of the Coffee Time Romance Reviewers Award!

Special Agent Keegan Tanner is racing to turn in the evidence he’s gathered while working undercover investigating a ruthless child-trafficking organization. When his cover is blown, he barely escapes with his life. Desperate to save the next batch of children slated for shipment, he speeds toward the field office, but a freak accident brings his plan to an abrupt halt.

Agent Tanner wakes to find himself in a small country home under the care of angelic nurse and widow, Lizzy Anderson. Though intrigued by his nurse, he is livid when his superior orders him to stay put, for he knows his presence in the Anderson home puts Lizzy in grave danger. And laid up like he is, he wonders if he will be ready to serve and protect when that danger comes calling.

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