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Welcome to the world of PALEO. Paleo is more than a diet, it is actually a lifestyle. It is one of the fastest growing approaches to healthy living and weight lose that works for all categories of people. Paleo is a lifestyle that gives you tremendous alternatives, gives you all the nutrients you need while maintaining a great balance. You eat without having to keep an eye on the calorie meter. 
For a new beginner in Paleo, this great book offers a simple guide. It clarifies the grey areas by addressing the issue of "what Paleo is not" . It gives a step by step guide to the Paleo lifestyle.

As a bonus, some easy to prepare recipes are included to keep you excited and motivated on the journey. Presented in this book are a good mix of ideas for breakfast, lunch , dinner including snacks and even soup.
Once again, welcome to a healthy lifestyle without restraints.

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