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Laird of Twilight: MacDougall Legacy, #2

255 pages5 hours


Since her childhood, Lady Lilias Cameron has been skeptically waiting for a prophecy regarding a mysterious man she is to wed to come true. And then the very man described by the seer is introduced as her escort to a doomed marriage--and is also the man who has arranged this disastrous alliance. Brooding and handsome, she cannot help the sparks of awareness he triggers. Nor can she ignore the deep desire to be true to herself.

Dirk MacDougall, Lord of the Isles, is to deliver a worthy bride to his Norse enemy, who also happens to be his distant cousin, in an alliance that will hopefully bring peace to his country. The only problem is, he finds himself quite enamored by the spirited and charming lady. When one kiss leads to another, desire to claim her as his own takes hold.

If the alliance is broken, a mighty battle will be waged across Scotland begging the question: is love worth the price of war?

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