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Rekindled Ember: Ember Lake, #2

Length: 322 pages2 hours


After Livie Dodd’s firefighter husband Ben was killed on County Road Five doing what he did best—saving people, Livie vows never to love another hero. She wouldn’t survive that again, all the pieces of her heart scattered so she’d never stitch them back together. Especially not her husband’s best friend, Royce Cole. The sparks she feels when his fingers brush hers, when his eyes rake over her, they mean nothing. She can’t let them. Since his friend’s death, Royce feels that Livie is his responsibility. Ben would’ve wanted him to take care of her. Only he finds the old feelings he thought long smothered rekindled, no matter how he tries to deny them. When comfort turns to something hotter, an ember could become an eternal flame. 

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