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Island of Misfit Shifters

Length: 61 pages34 minutes


Sasha Montgomery had her whole life planned out. That is until an unexpected storm causes her plane to crash into the ocean. On her way home from a business meeting in Bermuda her company's private plane is caught in a violent storm. She is forced to jump from the plane to save her life. She ends up on what she thinks is a deserted island until several men come to her rescue. She learns shifter's do exist and the government knew about years ago. Can she accept what the men offer her in the ways of pleasure or will she resist until she can be rescued?

Rory is alpha of the shifter's left abandoned on the jungle island. they were left by the military after chaos erupted when the shifter's rebelled against their captors. Now the five men find a lone woman sleeping on the beach then running for her life. They save her and take her to their home in the trees. Will they be able to convince her to join them for life or will she push them away and try to escape the island?

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