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Stand Out! 15 No-Hype Strategies; Get Noticed and Get Ahead

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One of my favorite sayings is, “If you’re going to be one, be a big blue one.”

Today’s society is extremely competitive. To succeed, you first have to stand out from the crowd. Doing that isn’t easy – especially if you’re an introvert. And in spite of what you’ve heard, all publicity isn’t good.

There are ways to rise above the crowd without hyping yourself, spending wads of money or engaging in silly antics. Well, maybe you want to engage in silly antics. It depends on how you want to stand out and what you want to accomplish.

In any case, the key to moving forward is to stand out – in an appropriate way – geared toward your personality, skill and temperament. It seems society is geared towards those who are loud, boisterous or not afraid to toot their own horn -- all things which you probably aren’t comfortable with.

There are, however certain techniques which can be used in any facet of life to help you stand out without straining your credibility, your dignity, or your bank balance. Many of the most effective ways are free . . . and long lasting.

In this guide you'll quickly and concisely discover 15 of these no-hype, virtually no-cost techniques. Plan how to use those most comfortable to you.

You’ll see how these techniques enable you to be noticed for your talent and expertise, not for your shameless self-promotion.

Use these principles to increase your sales, get that promotion, be picked for a project, be elected to an office, or be recognized for your accomplishments, without taking you out of your comfort zone.

The need to stand out is critical in just about any endeavor. Standing out can make or break you, give you that first shot, make a critical first impression, or continue that initial trial and propel you to a prosperous and happy future.

The easy method of standing out is to be loud, hire a publicist, buy ads, use pay per click, or stand on the side of the road with a sign. The best method is quieter, cheaper, and more tightly focused.

“Stand Out!” is a collection of 15 No-Hype techniques to help you stand out in any crowd. Use one, two, four, or ten. Pick and choose. There are enough proven and tested techniques that at least one will be perfect for you.

If you really want to get ahead . . . Then Stand Out!

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