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Horses Forever: A Miranda and Starlight Story

Length: 236 pages3 hours


To race or not to race? That is the question Heavenly Acres Horse Ranch owner, Miranda Stevens, struggles to answer. Not everyone agrees with her decisions. “Racing is what your horses were bred for,” Higgins, her old friend and trainer, reminds her. With each generation of fast horses sired by her beloved stallion, Starlight, she is faced with the decision. Should she risk injury or deprive them of what they seem to love? The quandary is worsened when she and her boyfriend, Christopher Bergman, disagree.

Higgins encourages Miranda and her boyfriend, Chris, to enter their jointly-owned horses into some big races in preparation for the Kentucky Derby and helps them raise the money to get started. A filly named Beauty shows remarkable potential, drawing national and international attention. An English aristocrat wants to buy her, but Miranda and Chris won't sell. The next best thing for the British farm owner is to have his mares bred to Beauty's sire. Many adventures—as well as a strained relationship with Chris—are in store for Miranda when she takes Starlight abroad. Miranda's horseracing experiences teach her many things, not the least of which is what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Devastated by the fate of some retired racehorses, she envisions Heavenly Acres as a haven for used and broken horses.

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