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The End of Islam?: The Scourge of Islamism: The Use and Abuse of the Quran

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Islam and terrorism have become inextricably intertwined as Islamic terrorists, drawing their inspiration and legitimacy from the Quran’s verses of war and violence, launch Jihad against the world.  Is the Quran the problem? Paradoxically, lesser known verses of peace and tolerance coexist alongside them.

What, then, is real Islam?

Is Islam a religion of peace or a religion of war? Is there a difference between Islam, Islamism and terrorism? Is the Quran misrepresented, perverted, or are the terrorists practising true Islam? Is Islam compatible with modernity or its fiercest enemy? Is Islam beyond redemption, having become forever stained with the blood of innocents?

In The End of Islam? Abi T. Audi offers the first serious, objective work that addresses these fundamental questions, dissecting the Quran to reveal Islam’s dual nature which lies at the root of its crisis.  

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