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How to Get a Business Loan; Insider Help from a Veteran Loan Officer

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Most banks are ready, willing and able to provide business loans. They are anxious to give business credit. They have money sitting in their vaults just waiting to fund small businesses like yours. The trick is learning the new ‘inside information’ on how to get it.

You’ve heard that credit conditions are tight. You know we’re coming off the back of the ‘Great Recession’ and banks are still reeling from the losses they sustained. On top of that, you realize there are increased regulations making it harder for banks to make the types of loans they used to. This has caused banks to ‘slow the flow’ as they try and get their arms around the new regulations. It’s no longer business as usual for them, and it can’t be for you either -- especially if you need business financing.

If you are one of the few who actually understand the new rules, you'll stand head and shoulders above your competition.

In a simple, concise step by step way you’ll learn:

1. Two key areas of information your banker will need in order to say ‘yes.’
2. How to format it into a winning presentation.
3. What key questions you’ll need to answer.
4. How to get the lowest interest rate.
5. Where to get free help.
6. Alternative sources of business funding if your deal isn't bankable after all.

By a veteran loan officer who's underwritten over $300 million in loans – from start-up financing to providing business credit to small, medium and large businesses. He’s also sat on the other side of the desk, obtaining business loans for several business entities.

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