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The Ultimate Investment; Achieve Life's Highest Returns; A Business Fable

Length: 282 pages3 hours


“Refreshing, entertaining, and a tad bit suspenseful” J. Tate

“The best investment of 2011. Find a comfortable spot in the house and discover your life.” Jeff Chen

This Author is an adviser to Millionaires who reveals a secret investment they all make: The Ultimate Investment; the simplest investment you can make that determines the outcome of your entire life.

It doesn’t cost money, though you spend it.

Big talk? You decide.

Is there risk? There might be. You control the risk. The bigger risk might be in not learning what the Ultimate Investment is.

This simple investment produces life-changing returns.

You’ve heard stories of people who start with nothing and build an empire. They used the Ultimate Investment.

You’ve also heard stories of people born rich who squander it all and die as paupers. They wasted theirs.

Which path will you choose?

The Ultimate Investment steers your life in any direction you choose. (We all choose, whether we realize it or not.) Use the Ultimate Investment to achieve your life’s dream. Or it will be a chain around your neck dragging you down to wrack and ruin without your even realizing.

The Ultimate Investment is vital, holding the key of infinite returns.

Discover what it is before it's too late.

Now for some technical stuff:

Research indicates the most effective learning is accomplished when you’re relaxed, calm, and interested; and the most effective teaching is by example, actually seeing principles demonstrated rather than hearing (or reading) principles in a lecture.

The Ultimate Investment is illustrated in an entertaining business fable you can easily absorb and quickly apply.

This book is not pop-psych personal development. It’s not regurgitated time management. It’s not pie in the sky entrepreneurship. It’s using the Ultimate Investment to naturally achieve whatever you want.

You’ll understand genuine personal development without the false hope of Affirmations or the Law of Attraction. You’ll experience time management as a relaxed way of life, not an endless series of tasks to optimize and wring out of your day. You’ll also realize how entrepreneurship naturally arises from doing work you love -- or escaping work you hate -- in support of a higher life for yourself, your family, and those you serve.

Discover what others have discovered: The Ultimate Investment.


"I'm sitting here 2 hours after downloading the book and reading it in its entirety. I am reflecting on where I am and where I should be in life. Without spoiling the story, I must say it's a great read if you're in a crossroad on your career path. Best of luck to other readers." Joe Nav

"This book was phenomenal! I came upon it by accident and couldn't put it down after the first chapter! I literally read the entire book in one sitting! Bravo Zulu to the Author!" VA Beach Football

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