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The Edge Of Honor (Part Six): Team EDGE

Length: 60 pages40 minutes


Book Two (Part Six)

DISCLAIMER--PLEASE READ: This is SERIAL, not a book, novella, or short story. Each section will be approximately 10,000 words, some more, some less. This serial should be read in the correct order. I am planning on releasing each new section 3-5 weeks apart, This is a Romantic Thriller that contains adult language and violence.

With hard-charging, full-blooded characters that leap off the page, terrific writing and a plot that moves at a breathless pace, THE EDGE OF HONOR proves that K.T. Bryan is right up there with the best romantic thriller authors writing today—names like Allison Brennan, J.T. Ellison and C.J. Lyons. ~~ Michael W. Sherer, Thriller Award-nominated author of Night Drop

When a forensic psychologist warns the city of San Diego about a modern day Jack the Ripper on live TV, she becomes the killer's next target and must work with her black ops fiancé to catch the Savior before it’s too late.

When honor becomes disgrace…
When two boys form an alliance in 1958 Brooklyn, neither realizes that sworn friends will later become bitter enemies. John Edge and Vince DeMeneo live by a code. When that code is broken, it will cost them their children, because inevitably what goes around, does at some point, come around.
Their honor has created a monster.

A brilliant madman is watching….
A serial killer the media has dubbed the “Savior” is terrorizing San Diego. He is a chameleon, a computer hacker who can create and delete his identity at will. He blazes through firewalls, strolls through doors that are closed to millions, and dreams about saving the world against sin. He’s a wizard, a god, a ruthless killer.

What started as a friendship has become something more…
When Jessica Bentley’s horrific past rises from the shadows and threatens her life, Jake Kincaid must find the Savior before the Savior finds Jessi.
Wanted for murder, Jake is the Navy SEAL whose choices could lock him away.
Jessi must face her worst fear or face certain death.

How far will a man go to save the woman he loves? The answer is simple--all the way over the edge. 

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