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A Curse of Memories: The Greatest Sin, #5

Length: 341 pages4 hours


Recognized at last for her obvious talents as an agent of the Fallen, Chavali now reaps the reward for her competence--Administrator Eldrack uses his new favorite tool for every mission he can. Even the truly pointless ones.

But for Chavali, clan must come first. She chafes as Eldrack takes her away from the remnants of her people, over and over. Until the day he calls her in for a task worthy of her skills.

A traitor walks among the Fallen.

A traitor who seems to have done the impossible by existing at all. And worse yet, the one responsible for Harris’s death...and the turmoil Chavali faces now, inside and out.

She already trusts no one.

What she discovers may shatter so much more than mere trust.

In this pivotal 5th installment of The Greatest Sin series, conflicts from multiple sides threaten the very soul of the Fallen. And nothing will remain the same.

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