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Guy of Gisborne

Length: series


"Impeccable research, superior story-telling good as Hilary Mantel" Dr D. Hooke

You know the hero, you know the legend ...or do you?

The man known as Robin Hood is back from the crusades in his home shire of Nottingham, battle-scarred and filled with a passion to help save the ordinary people. Yet alone he can achieve very little, but with his cousin, Sir Guy of Gisborne acting as the spy within the sheriff’s camp it’s a very different story.

Working alone within Nottingham Castle, Guy risks all to help his cousins Robin, Little John and Allan o’Dales, and chief amongst the dangers is the spoilt young Sheriff fitz John. Incompetent and lazy, fitz John nonetheless has a knack of shifting blame elsewhere – especially where the exploits of a certain outlaw are concerned – until one day he goes beyond what even the infamous Chancellor Longchamp can condone, but not before Guy and his friends have suffered terribly.

And then there’s also Prince John. The king’s youngest brother takes every opportunity to try and take the throne for himself, and with Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire having been handed over to the prince to live off, but the castle being held onto by the king, there’s bound to be trouble. However Guy could never anticipate the extent to which he will get embroiled in the royal brothers’ quarrels, or how often, for Count John of Mortain (as he is properly called) seizes every opportunity to try to seize power and to blacken Chancellor Longchamp's name regardless of who he tramples on in the process. In this perilous world Guy walks a tightrope between political intrigues, and finds that even amongst those within the castle, loyalties are divided and that supporting either the castle's constable or his deputy could end with Guy being hung from the battlements! Who knew that doing your duty could be so dangerous?

Yet nothing compares to what will happen when King Richard returns from the crusades, filled with anger towards his brother John, and deciding that Nottingham Castle will be the example he makes of what an angry king can do. Trapped in the seige, Guy fears that this may be one situation he will not get out of alive, and worse, his one chance to avoid that fate is compromised by Robin's hero worship of King Richard and his desire to meet the king. Will Robin recall what Guy has done for him before it's too late, or will his passion to speak to the king bring a terrible fate down on all of them?

By the time the king leaves Nottingham, never to return, Guy and Robin will have passed a point where their relationship will never be the same again. But who will leave and who remain? And as the outlaws gain new recruits,can Robin still lead them or Guy continue to help?

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