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Ghostly Business: Lorna Shadow Cozy Ghost Mystery, #5

Length: 201 pages3 hours


A haunted castle full of suspects and an eccentric ghost who refuses to rest. Lorna Shadow has a challenge on her hands this time!

Lorna is excited, and little nervous, about starting a new job at Gillan Castle, rumored to be the most haunted place in the country. But when her first day reveals the ghost of eccentric former owner Leo Babbington, she must help him to figure out who killed him and why they did it.

Leo's beloved cat sanctuary is also under threat, with his widow threatening to have them all removed, and Lorna refuses to abandon the unloved furballs.

With Lorna fighting to help Leo, save the cats, and make sure Zach and their house hunting doesn't get forgotten, she has a fight on her hands!

Join Lorna, Flipper, and Helen in this new cozy ghost mystery and puzzle through the many suspects lurking in the castle before discovering who killed Leo and whether the cats will be saved.

This fun, clean cozy mystery is full of light-hearted adventure, mystery, and a dash of romance.

Ghostly Business is book five in the Lorna Shadow series. Other books in the series include:

Ghostly Manners
Ghostly Secrets
Ghostly Games
Ghostly Affairs

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