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Map It: For Writing Success — Fiction And Nonfiction Outlines Made Easy

Length: 103 pages1 hour


Are you a writer who hates outlines? I did too, until I realize that the inability to outline was crippling my writing career in many different ways.

I developed the tactics and strategies in this book to help myself. My students have found them essential to producing both fiction and nonfiction almost effortlessly. 

These practical and powerful methods of outlining will work for you, even if you think you "can't outline."

Outlining both fiction and nonfiction will become a no-brainer for you, because these strategies are based on the way your brain actually works. There's no need to struggle to make your brain work in any specific way.

If you'd like to write well; write more more easily; and enjoy writing more; this book can help.

The strategies will help you if you're a procrastinator too. No more procrastination. 

Have fun. :-)

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