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Love Cemented: 4-Way Relations Book 2

197 pages2 hours


Life...can bring many changes. Some faster than others. For Jared and Ava, their life has been moving at a whirlwind speed, in the eight months since we've last seen them...

Ava Laine Carter has kept busy writing and running an entire division of 4-Way-Relations alongside her soon-to-be sister in-law JaVaughn Wright-Flynn. 

While Jared...

Thinking on his feet and rolling with the flow have been the main keys behind Jared Wright-Flynn's success. Keeping his fiancée happy, his family cared for and his businesses at the top are Jared's main priorities. 

So when life throws a loop that neither he nor Ava were prepared for, their plans for the future are suddenly up in the air.

Will their love they thought was cemented be strong enough to withstand the debris life throws at them?

Find out in the latest release from the 4-Way-Relations Series, Love Cemented.

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