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Laura Maya

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When times are good and when times are bad, there are always people out there who keep making money. Even an economic downturn can’t stop some people from raking it in. Indeed, some trades seem to perform better during a recession. With New Media technology, savvy users of the Internet such as social networkers and bloggers have a splendid opportunity to succeed in their businesses and social life. The World Wide Web grows daily with millions of users turning to it as a channel for communication and business. If you are plugged in, you can tap into this base of potential consumers to grow a venture.

The New Media includes online communities, social networking, audio and video streaming, e-mailing, web advertising, new-disc technology, podcasting, blogging, internet telephony, digital photography, mobile computing etc. -- the list goes on, as new uses of the Internet are introduced every so often. This presents a good money-making opportunity for any individual, even someone who may not have any or much knowledge of computer programming. The aim of this book is to provide anyone with the know-how to make good use of this opportunity. Written in an easy-to-read and fully instructional way, this book provides Tips on Internet marketing, blogging and social networking. It will lead you on to discover the opportunities available on the internet to a blogger, and how to set up an online e-commerce site. You will learn how to create, publish, manage and promote your website and blog, and generate New Media income and perhaps create multiple streams of new income possibilities from blogging.

Laura Maya



Why I want to be an Internet entrepreneur

- Equipped yourself with Internet marketing and blogging techniques

- Economic Financial Crisis

- What encouraged me to go into Internet Marketing

- Updated Blogging tips to get Hubbing on the internet


Maximizing the Internet as a marketing medium

- Setting up a business

- Operating expenditure, cash flow and taxation

- Benefits of doing business online

- Low cost does not mean no cost


Earn by the million

1. Sell physically trendy or trend-setting products for young savvies

2. Affiliate program

- What exactly is an affiliate program?

- Affiliate program can generate a commission

- Create your own affiliate program

3. Selling digital-information-based products

- Digital-information-based products are extremely profitable

- What is an e-book, and why should I create one?

- How to market an e-book

4. Selling Net Services

5. Solicit sponsorship and donation for your blog or website

6. Using blogs as promotional tools

7. Selling advertising space through e-zines and newsletters

- What is Ad Network?

- What is Adsense, and how can it maximize revenue from your online content?

8. Providing services by offering membership with master resale rights

9. Productivity platform for online investment

10. Be an Internet web-hosting reseller


New and latest Internet marketing techniques

1. What is the relationship between your website and your blog?

- What do you intend to achieve through blogging?

- What software will you need to set up a blog and a website?

2. Decide on a business niche and Key-word Effectiveness Index ( KEI )

3. Choose and register your domain name

- Choose a domain name that reflects your business

- Violation of trademark regulations

- Familiarize yourself with web-hosting services


Setting up an E-commerce Website

1. Let’s practise

- Step 1 :How to register domain name ?

- Step 2 : How to choose the best domain name

- Step 3a : Ordering Quick Shopping cart

- Step 3b : Placing order for your website

- Step 3c: Ordering of Hosting Plan –Website Tonight

- Step 4 :Finalizing your purchase



- Choosing a blogging service

- Different types of blog posts


Webdesign and blog creation

- Multimedia effects

- A more interactive blog using widget

- Photos for enhancing your blog design

- Important points to consider when building an effective and entertaining blog

- Vlogging

- Podcasting

- How to publish your blog and website via FTP


How to increase traffic to your blog

- Monitoring traffic to your blog

- Submit your blog to search engines

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

-.Register your blog with online blog directories

- How to increase blog visibility using links

- Posting constructive comments on other people’s blogs can increase traffic

- Join pay-per-click marketing

- Article Marketing

- Video marketing

- Viral Marketing

- Affiliate marketing

- Social network marketing – a new trend

- Submiting your RSS feed to feed directories

- How to ping and multiple-blog feed

- Email marketing

- Email Marketing – Auto pilot and Feedburner


Blogging by the million

– strategies to get rich from blogging

- Plan your site

- Opt-in page for lead capturing

- Incorporate Autoresponder with email marketing

- Choosing the right payment gateway

- Making money from advertisements

- Paid search engine marketing ad campaign

- Making money online with Google AdSense and Adwords

- Google Adwords

- Google’s new ad formats

- Affiliate experience – making money from commissions

- Starting off with affiliate-monetization

- Characteristics of affiliate marketing

- Selling advertising space

- Where to put ads on your blog

- How to sell ad space

- Selling products or services with links to an e-commerce site

- Good work, please donate!


Chapter 10

Blogging as part of social networking

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Blogging with Facebook

- Socilaize your Blog with Facebook and Twitterfeed

- Blogging over the years will earn you millions

1 Why I want to be an Internet entrepreneur

If Uncle Toby can do it at 50, I can do it much better at 23

Uncle Toby is my mentor. He has 30 years of experience in marketing, and owns several companies dealing in industrial hardware supplies and audio equipment supplies throughout ASEAN. I was commissioned to upgrade his company website. During the three months I was with his company, he always encouraged me to try the different affiliate Marketing methods such as Adword, Adsense and SEO. He taught me how to sell products online using these methods. You can be sure I learned a lot about online marketing in that short period.

I took his advice.

In business, where every sales person tries to acquire more sales, the golden rule is:

"Knowledge shared is knowledge gained.

Once knowledge is gained, it is always yours. "

A business person relies on acquiring orders, and strives to ensure customer satisfaction. Passing down his experience of how to do this well to staff will only help him acquire more customers and expand his business. This philosophy holds true for online marketing too. In fact, it is even easier to share know-how through the Internet because communicating through the Internet is quick and convenient. There are a lot of helpful methods I can share with you that will increase traffic