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Finding Your Calling: How to be Happy and Successful

Length: 69 pages56 minutes


Is life about you and you alone or anyone you come across as you journey through life? Are you created to benefit yourself or others irrespective of differences in race, color, beliefs and individual weaknesses? 

Understand that life is not about you! It’s about acting God through your niche, to anyone you come across without segregation, it's about adding value to life, doing what God created you to do, navigating into real success and significance. 

Finding Your Calling: How to be Happy and Successful reveals 20 secrets that lead to wealth and total wellness, as it guides you on how to identify your problem areas in life and receive lasting solution to them. 

It provides logical answers to life baffling questions. It teaches you how to actualize your destiny and careers, focus on your divine assignment using tools of self improvement and leadership skills.

The principles in this book will help you eliminate stress, hypertension and job dissatisfaction. If you are a job seeker, you will no longer be looking for a job as you will become more focused, unlock your destiny from persons, situations, organizations, become gainfully employed and begin a life of significance.

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