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My PeggySue

Length: 122 pages2 hours


A poor divorced lonely miner on his way back to his mill site comes across a female hitchhiker holding a cardboard sign which reads, "Anything helps," he stops to speak to the young girl prepared to dig in his wallet and hand her a little money, he offers her the prospect of a place to stay and she is about to decline when suddenly out of the corner of her eye she catches the glimpse of a patrol car knowing that she would be cited once more and this time would have to spend 30 days in the slammer as flying a sign in the state of Nevada is illegal the legal term used to describe what she was doing.
Having spotted the police car and having no desire to be spending time in jail she accepts the offer and hops into the vehicle with the man though quite leery and nervous about doing so she definitely did not want to spend time in jail.
Out of the mill site there wasn't anything fancy to see old dilapidated equipment and older wind beaten mobile home, their relationship should you want to call it that is off to a slow start however it isn't all that long before their relationship becomes an intimate one.
As time passes she becomes impregnated, her gynecologist concerned about her weight gain against Peggy Sue's wishes gives her an ultrasound discovering that not only is Peggy Sue pregnant she is going to have twins a male and a female.

This story has a happy ending, please watch for the release of our next upcoming book titled, "On a winter's night," yet another romantic thriller.
This story has a happy ending

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