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The Festival of Earthly Delights

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"Matt Dojny's novel is a true delight. I can't think of any writer since Kingsley Amis who's been able to write high-minded comedy that packs such a punch. I've never enjoyed a comic novel more."—John Wray, author of Lowboy, The Right Hand of Sleep, and Canann's Tongue

The Festival of Earthly Delights is a humorous bildungsroman set in the fictional Southeast Asian country of Puchai. The protagonist, Boyd Darrow, has recently moved there with his unfaithful girlfriend to give their relationship a second chance. His adventures, and misadventures, are relayed in a series of letters to a mysterious recipient.

February 19 8:23 AM

Dear Hap:

A new position falls into the hands of one who, living, dreams. I bought this notebook in the airport when we arrived in Puchai, and, instead of keeping a journal—which always feels lonely and pointless to me—I've decided to write you a letter. IT WILL COME TRUE.

Ulla and I are in the Central Dakhong Railway Station, waiting for the 12:13 train to Mai Mor. The station is rumbling and hot and cavernous and painted floor-to-ceiling in volcanic orange. Ulla has wandered off in search of a bathroom and I'm sitting on a bench, guarding our bags. And—where are you?

Matt Dojny lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife, new baby, and dog. He is currently a graphic designer for Scholastic Books, and recently co-authored an illustrated essay called "Impossible Sightseeing" in A Public Space.

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